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Our Mission

To transfer the lives of disadvantaged girls and celebrate the outstanding strength of ordinary women.

For the past ten years, we have been honoring mothers who, within the confines of their homes, have been successful in balancing motherhood with their business, their profession and in their community.
Their own children, or a close relative, normally present the story of their journey in life. These women are not celebrities on TV networks, or in Hollywood but they are celebrities as mothers because of what they have accomplished in a very humble, loving, caring, nurturing way.
Our Sweet mother events have also honored foster mothers, single mothers, and adoptive mothers. All of them demand our appreciation as they have all played the role successfully.
Part of the proceeds of our event will go towards the education of girls at the Forum of African Women in Education School in Waterloo village, in Freetown,  Sierra Leone.  Waterloo is a village which is outside the capital of Sierra Leone and most of the girls who are enrolled in this school are girls who may not have had access to education.  Some of them were rape victims during the 10 years of devastating war in Sierra Leone.  
The Forum of African Women in Education is an organization which was formed by four African Women who were Ministers of Education in their respective countries.  The main objective is to provide education to the "girl child" in  Africa who through the traditional beliefs of the countries to which she belong would not have had access to education because in some African countries some girls get married at a very early age.

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